Tuesday, August 9

hello soldier , goodbye life :'(

its all begun after PLKN 

on 29th march 2010 i was selected in PLKN

i can't accept the fact that i was selected because i hate PLKN so much !

but i had to go = =

on the first day in camp , i had absolutely no friends

and i was like "i wanna go back home know !"

i cried non stop until the next day !

the funniest thing is i cheated the JLKN's that i'm sick

i was acting like i'm very sick until they took me to hospital . HAHAHA !

they took me to the specialist . damn funny .

the doctor knows that i was lying so he ask me :

tell me why u refused to attend  training ?

i said : i don't like the activities

he ask me again : u drink alcohol ? a lover ?

then i replied 'yes' i was drinking , but why do ask about "a lover" ???

he smile and didn't say anything .

i whispered to him : can i ask u some favor ?

he replied : what is it ? 

me : i dont wanna go back to camp , i wanna go back home .

so please specify that i'm not ?

he replied : okay . i would say that u are very healthy and i'll let u rest for two days

and i was like . WHAT ?! r u crazy ? its not what i want !

he replied : u're not sick at all . i don't want to violate the rules . i'm so sorry .

* dissapointed and back to the camp *

wanna see my picture there ? 

here it is 


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