Tuesday, August 9

its all about him ;)

this is a story about a guy in the previous post ;)

he was my cousin's friends

i met him at my cousin's house last december

after a few days , he requested to be my friend on facebook

at that time i had absolutely didn't care about him 

he is anti-social so i removed him from my friendlist XD

after 3 months we didn't meet 

i saw him with his friends i wanna greet him but i changed my mind 

u guys wanna know why ? 

garang betol muka dia . takut saya ! hahaha

i wrote him a letter , he did not respond me .

he has my number but he never call me apatah lagi message .

now i know why he doesn't care about me . for what i did , and why he never respond me

he work very hard to comfort his family

support his brother ,  he bears all things because his father has passed away when he was so young

this is why he don't wanna be in a relationship 

he's so afraid to commit

because he knows who he is 

i love this guy . i adore him . i've cherished him .

not because he's handsome but because of his noble heart ;)

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