Wednesday, August 10

My Beautiful Friends ;)

some people come into our lives and quickly go

some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts

and we are never , ever the same

side by side or miles apart , dear friends are always close to heart ;)

a girl need three things in her life 

love to make her weak

alcohol to make her strong

and best friends to pick her up when both make her hit the floor 

My Beautiful Friends ^_^

olivia . the cute cute one :D

the pretty one 

( christi )

my friends since kindergarten ;)

the sexiest one o.o

( fidelia )

actually she's my cousin . HAHA 

friends since kindergarten ;)

the cutest one !

( grace )

 kawan karib selamanya ;)

yang paling sempoi !

( bibiyana )

the prettiest & sweetest one ! ;)

( nur liyana )


TERBAIKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


these are my beautiful friends ;)

love them so much ^_^

a stranger stabs u in the front

a bad friends stabs u in the back

an ex boyfriend stabs u in the heart

but ...

bestfriends only poke each other with straws ;)

love , fay ;)

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