Wednesday, August 10

My Crazy Family ;)

i love my cousins ;)

they are like my bestfriend 

i have so many cousins . i love them so much especially the three of them 

we r so closed . for the rest , i hate some of them

cause they're too arrogant !

these are my beautiful cousins ;)

her name is fidelia , same age with me . 

she is the craziest one ! hahaha !

and this is eyna , 15 years old . the foolish one ! hahaha

but she's so kind ;)

and this is ochie ( right ) the smartest and the sweetest one !

last but not least .. this is me and the craziest one .

i told her this time we had to smile , show ur teeth babe ! so she smiled but i don't ! hahaha

look at her face ( left ) ! hahaha

super awkward . she never show her teeth off while taking picture !

she always said : i hate smiling like that .

sorry bos ! hahahaha

love my beautiful crazy babes !


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